About Us

  1. Sidra Al Muntaha Electronics was created in 2011 to be the most popular destination for gamers and has the most advanced custom-built gaming computers. We are the most renowned Computer retail store in Dubai as well as across UAE in throughout the Middle East. Our range of products includes Desktop components and systems, Desktop PCs, Laptop, All in one printers, accessories Mobiles/Tabs and Gadgets and Home Appliances. Monitors and Software.

    Thanks to you can shop online for every kind of computer component as well as peripherals. You can also have these delivered right to your workplace or home using our express delivery options. We offer delivery all over UAE, Middle East, as well as around the globe. We handle all of the deliveries with care to ensure you get your package in good condition. utilizes a variety of payment methods to make it simple for our customers to pay. provides custom gaming PCs construction service. Based on your budget, we'll find a way to create the most efficient possible PC to use at home or in the office. use, gaming, or video editing using the equipment that you prefer. We only use top-quality components that are meticulously constructed to perform better than the competition. Here at Samazon We test each aspect of the PC to be sure it meets the highest standards prior to delivering it to our customers.

    Our team of experts are computer savvy (and some gamers, too) and will be able to assist you with any technical issues with your PC and offer you the best support possible.

    Samazon also provides repair and troubleshooting for computers to Desktops, Laptops, and Mac computers. We offer cost-effective and high-quality service that our customers expect.

    The team of Samazon employees are scattered across the globe to help every Samazon customers no matter where they are. They work to make your shopping experience more enjoyable. With the increasing number of computer stores and online stores that are ever increasing, Samazon commitment to serve the best customer service is definitely admirable. We establish our standards for other companies to follow. In addition, we offer recommendations for enthusiast and premium computer hardware and, naturally. is operated and owned by Sidra Al Muntaha Electronics Trading which is registered as a company in Dubai, UAE.
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